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This isn't some 'pie in the sky' promise as we have personal experience of dealing with that company and they met our expectations.

Welcome to the online Market Place for Morecambe and District

Yoolgedit was created as a platform to promote businesses in the Morecambe area and offers an opportunity for small independents to advertise their goods to a targetted audience.

The business model of traditional high street shops has changed radically and owners of small businesses must diversify and work much harder to keep their share of the retail cake.

There are many websites where you can buy goods on line, so what makes Yoolgedit different from the rest?

We are locally based so you will not fall into the trap of finding a bargain and then paying a fortune to have your goods shipped to you.

You can inspect the goods, at the seller's premises, before parting with your hard earned cash.

Promoting Your Business
Please mention Yoolgedit when responding to adverts

Advertising can be very expensive and does not always reach your target audience.

Many businesses are turning to social media to advertise their businesses but are you sure you are reaching your target audience?

Social Media - A Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, concept

Social Media is ideal as a means of staying in touch with people but it is limited to being a good advertising medium, as a business tool, for selling goods and services, it falls way short of the mark.

If you are serious about advertising your business, you need a website where visitors can visit your 'shop window' 24/7 and see all the products and services you offer without having to trawl through a sea of irrelevant garbage, as is the case with businesses advertised via Facebook and it's friends.

Do you want your own website to be as effective as this one?

Get Yourself on the Map

Get Yourself on the Map With Yoolgedit The map below contains the location of 79 local businesses and the number will continue to rise as new businesses are added.
This service is offered free to businesses in the Morecambe area and if your business is not listed, please add it now.

Use the Zoom control, (+/-) in the bottom right corner, to adjust the scale of the map